Immuno Stain Moisture Chamber, Clear

Unit quantity : 3
Product Code : 240-9000-010

Price : £117.63

This low-cost, high precision moisture chamber for ten slides is another innovative product from Evergreen.

Each moisture chamber is divided into ten individual compartments with approximately half-inch empty space between the compartments. When the chamber lid is closed, eight barrier dividers are placed into the empty spaces between the microscope slide compartments completely isolating all compartments. This is a very desirable feature when doing immuno staining.

The microscope slides are placed on four pedestal posts and four corner posts each 0.460 inch (11.5 mm) high thus raising the surface of the slides approximately half-inch off the floor to keep the slides away from the water below and to make the slides easily retrievable (either by hand or by forcep).

The chamber is fabricated out of heavy-duty polystyrene with an air-tight design to keep moisture in. The chambers are designed to be stackable in order to save counter and/or refrigerator space.

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