Carbapenemases - are you reviewing your laboratory procedures?


RAPID diagnostics are essential for identifying infected / colonized patients contributing to:

1. Appropriate patient management

2. Rapid implementation of infection control procedures

3. Prevent onwards transmission

orientation_agarCHROMagar products were involved in a number of scientific posters during the ASM General Meeting posters presentation. Some of these posters presented at ASM 2012 are detailed below, read through them and discover the methods and performance results they got from their studies:

ESBL/AmpC kits - a comparison

Laura Campbell - Royal Cornwall Hospital


The Royal Cornwall microbiology laboratory was interested in reviewing their method of detecting antibiotic resistance mechanisms.

The Food and Drug Administration's (FDA's) Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) produced a nine-minute animation explaining how antimicrobial resistance both emerges and proliferates among bacteria.

Corporate Author - FDA's Center for Veterinary Medicine

N. meningitidis or N. gonorrhoeae?

gga A recently published HPA-BASHH document warns of the possibility of NAAT platforms for N. gonorrhoeae giving false positive results, especially with rectal and pharangeal specimens.