sifin1Salmonella & Shigella typing antisera go monoclonal

 SIFIN antisera are the only commercially available antisera manufactured using monoclonal antibodies. Unlike polyclonal antibodies produced from live animal source, monoclonals are free from interfering antibodies

SIFIN benefits

  1. Salmonella poly ‘O’ includes Vi
  2. Rapid and clear agglutination
  3. Superior specificity and avidity – minimise cross reactions
  4. Unique Immunoglobulin -isotype, structure
  5. Standardised production – reduced lot to lot variation
  6. 18 month shelf life from manufacture



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‘Using an introductory pack of Sifin antisera in parallel with our existing antisera showed clear advantages of the Sifin reagents.

Both salmonella and shigella, reactions were noticeably stronger and easier to see with the Sifin antisera. We also observed that weak, non-specific reactions with our existing antisera, caused by Hafnia alvei and E. coli which would normally require further identification tests, were virtually eliminated with the Sifin antisera.

The Sifin antisera are also used neat, without the need to prepare a suspension of the organism in saline first, so are quicker and possibly safer.’

Mike Grover, Microbiology Dept, Royal Hampshire Hospital