ESBL, how accurate are your screening and confirmation methods?

A recent Dutch study¹ has compared the accuracy of a variety of detection systems including automatic and disc diffusion methods. The accurate detection of ESBLs is important for patient care, this study highlights the importance of confirming isolates found during the screening process.


The LOUIS algorithm, a screening test for Salmonella and Shigella

A rapid protocol using only three Diatabs for the screening of lactose non-fermenting colonies for the presence of Salmonella and Shigella cultured on conventional microbiological media.

VIABANK for the cryogenic storage of your culture collection

NEW to the BioConnections product range is Viabank from Abtek Biologicals -a range of cryogenic storage beads for the preservation of micro-organisms.



EUCAST is now accepted as the organisation which recommends breakpoints throughout Europe including the UK.  EUCAST finalised the harmonisation of clinical breakpoints for all major antimicrobial groups and antimicrobials in May 2009, these breakpoints and much more useful information are available on the EUCAST website

Carbapenemases - the complete picture

Rosco's KPC+MBL kit +Temocillin presumptively identifies the three main groups of Carbapenemase that occur in Enterobacteriaceae:



sifin1Salmonella & Shigella typing antisera go monoclonal

 SIFIN antisera are the only commercially available antisera manufactured using monoclonal antibodies. Unlike polyclonal antibodies produced from live animal source, monoclonals are free from interfering antibodies