Genetic PCR Solutions

Genetic PCR Solutions™ (GPS™): The international transfer of PCR technology.

Detection of bacteria, virus, fungi & parasites through real time PCR analysis is a very fast, precise and sensitive technique that GPS™ now put within the reach of any laboratory.

GPS™ designs the PCR detection kit specific for the pathogen you propose and the new produced kit will be available for you in a few weeks. GPS™ selects specific equipment and high quality real time PCR testing kits available, suitable for any pathogen that you need to investigate.

Our solutions can be applied to the analysis of food, water, air, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, veterinary and clinical research. We provide a range of instruments selected for you specific needs: air sampler, tissue homogenizers, cell disruptors, DNA/RNA automated extractors, end-point and real time PCR thermo cyclers, etc.

GPS™ en­sur­ing that all of the products that our cus­tom­ers re­ceive are me­tic­u­lously qual­ity con­trolled. Pro­to­cols us­ing rep­res­en­ted products have been val­id­ated by as­so­ci­ated labor­at­or­ies and in­ter­na­tion­al re­search in­sti­tu­tions.


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