Differentiate your Neisseria isolates

N. meningitidis or N. gonorrhoeae?

gga A recently published HPA-BASHH document warns of the possibility of NAAT platforms for N. gonorrhoeae giving false positive results, especially with rectal and pharangeal specimens.

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Carbapenemase screening

Meropenem for Carbapenemase screening

rosco_neo_tab_bact A significant reduction in the sensitivity of isolates to Meropenem is used as a screening step for the detection of carbapenemases

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Rapid Salmonella testing with CHROMagar

RambaQUICK Salmonella: Simplicity!

Recent Salmonella outbreaks remind us that there still is a need for simpler and better performing detection methods, RambaQUICK Salmonella is a selective enrichment broth that when it is combined with CHROMagar Salmonella Plus permits the rapid detection of Salmonellae including S. typhi, S. paratyphi and lactose positive species.


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Slide-Sette Saver

A simple solution for storing slides and biopsy blocks together


Evergreen introduces their new Slide-Sette Saver™ for shipping and storage of same patient pathology microscope slide and tissue/biopsy paraffin block in a single container.

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New catalogue available

cover-image_01_400 Now available, the new BioConnections catalogue. Request your free copy today

From detection to isolation and identification, BioConnections has products for all microbiology laboratories.


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