REAL FPC Mini-System - Total Fix

Fecal parasite concentrator closed systems for stool sample conservation and concentration in 15ml format
MiniSystem with Total-Fix® - No Formaldehyde, No Mercury, No PVA

REAL Minisystem is a patented product  for stool sample conservation and concentration and are the best solution  for your laboratory to manage faecal samples:  cleaner, smaller, more effective and ecological.

Many of the human diseases are intestinal infections and diagnosis is based on the detection of helmith eggs and larvae or protozoa cysts in faecal samples. For this purpose an appropriate collection, transport and handling of those samples is critical.

Its new cap design with a longer spoon makes the system even cleaner as it protects the user from touching the sample and at the same time its longer spoon makes the collection of the sample easier. Moreover, this system includes glass beads to homogenize the sample.

Fixation method: Total Fix

The Mini and Midi Filtration System includes:

  • Tube of transport with tablespoon and glass balls for homogeneization
  • Plastic bag for transport of the samples and clinical data sheet.
  • MiniSystem: 15 mL tube with filter
  • Pippettes for collection of the sediment
  • Tube rack, for easy tube handling and management.

Protocol (En)



  • Quantity: 150
  • Product Code: RPP9000

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