REAL Saliva Viral Sample Collection Kit

REAL VIRAL SALIVA Sample Collection Kit provides a fast and safe all-in-one procedure for the collection, stabilization and transport of 1 ml saliva samples at room temperature that stabilizes the viral DNA/RNA.

REAL VIRAL Stabilization Solution 2 efficiently inactivates viruses and prevents degradation of nucleic acids in samples collected with our system, resulting in non-infectious samples for safe handling and shipping.

Samples are stored at room temperature (DNA>1 year; RNA up to 1 month).
Samples can be stored (-20/-80°C) indefinitely.


  • Used for the collection, storage and transport of viral samples of 1 ml of saliva.
  • Inactivates microorganisms and viruses for easy and safe handling and transport.
  • Allows the isolation of human genomic DNA and viral DNA / RNA
  • Transport at room temperature.
  • Preserve total DNA, including viral DNA, at room temperature (4º-25ºC) for 1 year
  • Preserve total RNA, including viral RNA, at room temperature (4º-25ºC) 1 month
  • Compatible with most DNA and RNA isolation methods





  • Quantity: 100
  • Product Code: RBMSALV2V100

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